Stress-free mortgage

Finding financing options for a new property can be complicated and exhausting. But at MIKELSSEN, we make it easy! We'll connect you with our elite mortgage specialists. Thanks to their professional approach and expert advice, many of our clients have received the keys to their new apartment or house in a blink of an eye.

Time is precious

Have you found your perfect home? Save your feet running around banks, filling in dozens of forms and comparing different offers. Our specialists will do it for you and recommend the best offers.

Find out your credit options

Do you know how much banks will lend you and for how long? Our mortgage specialists will unveil your lending options. For example, if the terms are good, it can be advantageous to increase your mortgage and use it to pay for renovations or furnishings on a new property. You can save on the high interest you would otherwise have to pay on consumer loans.

Get the best from the banks

Our partners will make you offers from proven and stable banks. If you have your own preferences and would like to see an offer from another bank, they will happily do so. This way, you can compare all that is out there. Catering to your needs.

Premium service for FREE

We offer mortgage advice completely free of charge - you won't pay a penny for these services. You'll save many times over - both on the advice and on your monthly repayments thanks to the right mortgage choice and set-up.